Evil has landed

The plans for Evil The Musical have been floating around for quite a while, but it all became public knowledge a month ago tomorrow. When we told everyone, we had a real worry that we wouldn’t be taken seriously, and let’s be honest, I absolutely get that. I mean we’re forever having ideas like this and not doing anything with them. This time it’s different. This time we mean business, but if you look at our activities over the last month, you probably won’t believe me when I say that!

Ok, I’m going to give you all an update of what we’ve been up to this last month, but first, I suppose I should initiate all you newbies to the idea of Evil The Musical so you know exactly why the hell you are even bothering to read this blog, or visit this website…

Earlier in the year, over a few beers, Richard Brook, Laura Scott, and I started discussing writing a musical and taking it to Edinburgh. Rich has wanted to do this for years, but never really had the opportunity, and the more we discussed it, the more we wanted to do it. So, in a break from tradition, and ably project managed by Laura, we put a plan in place, then told everyone what we are doing. That’s it in a nutshell… So now we have to write and organise everything so we can take a musical to Edinburgh next year and not let down all our friends and family who have agreed to get involved. Oh, we need to fundraise too, to cover accommodation and venue costs so there’s a whole other thing we have to sort out (and apart from Laura we’re not exactly known for our organisational skills!!).

Onto this month then. and what’s happened? Well we’ve told everyone we want involved now, and we need to start writing. It’s been a difficult month because most of us have been involved in Little Shop Of Horrors at Dewsbury Arts Group over the last 4 weeks, but things have still been happening.

Rich and I had writtin the ideas for 5 songs during June, which were received reasonably well, and we’ve enlisted the help of my brother, Si to write some music too, he’s written the show intro, which I have to say both Rich and I got pretty excited about. I’ve passed on some more lyrics to Si for him to do something with too.

We’ve got quite a few ideas down on paper now for the writing including a full synopsis for the show, some short sketches, and the draft of a scene. Rich and I are getting together next week for a progress report with Laura and to plan out the writing. We’ll also be getting the group together at some point soon to discuss the next steps, dates for local performances, photography and promotion and fundraising ideas.

A BIG thanks need to go out to Andrew Brook for setting up this website, and agreeing to help with its development as it grows over the coming monthsWe’re hoping to add in video diary accounts and maybe some podcasts as we get moving. We’ll also include excerpts of the show and up to date news etc as regularly as we can. I also want to say a big thanks to Chris Kirman who built our logo from a sketched out concept. It looks really smart, and the badges we made with it have proven to be very popular!

So… That’s what’s going on in the world of Evil The Musical at the moment. I look forward to sharing our developments with you over the coming months and will update you next after we’ve got together this week.

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