Forward planning and our Balls of Power!

Last night, Rich, Laura and I got together to discuss evil the musical and where it’s heading. It was a really positive affair actually. Laura used her forceful Project manager head to ensure we discussed all the relevant points and put a plan together – I think that ability is going to be a real godsend moving forward!

The one thing that became glaringly obvious as we talked was that we need to raise some money. The revenue created by doing 3 or 4 nights locally in the kirklees area will go along way towards raising the much needed cash, however we wont see any of this until June/July next year, and pretty much everything we need money for will need paying before that time. It’s a dilemma we’re going to put to the full group, but we talked about selling merchandise – t-shirts, bags, pin badges etc. Or maybe selling “baddy bags” in advance with some of that merchandise plus tickets for the Edinburgh performances in them to try and raise the money that we need. We’ve also got the potential to put a band together to do some gigs to raise money, so there’s lots of possibilities. Laura suggeste4d winning the lottery, but I dont like the odds!

The big thing about fundraising is that we need a target amount, and until we know what venue we’re going to be using, and where we are going to be staying, it’s impossible to say. We don’t even know the cost of costumes and set because the musical is still in its infancy. It was agreed that we need to have a clear idea of these costs before the next group meeting on the 8th August, so our key actions before then are to research, and hopefully choose a venue and accommodation, and to have a very clear plan for the play, including some written scenes.

The business end out of the way, Rich and I started having a laugh and messing around as we continued to develop the play for the rest of the evening. We’ve settled on character names, given our “7 Balls of Power” their special characteristics, and got a scene by scene synopsis clearly written. Next week we’re going to get together to discuss the scenes we are both writing this week so that come August 8th, we’ll hopefully have quite a lot to show.

Talking of the synopsis, I know quite a few people are keen to know what it’s all about. I get that, I’d want to know too! Well basically, it about Evil Villains, a Super Hero, a Side Kick, and the 7 Balls Of Power.

We’ll be revealing more (but not all) of the synopsis in the not too distant future but I dont want to reveal too much just yet as we’re hoping to make something a little bit special!

So that’s where we’re at. If you have any fundraising ideas, or happen to know a wealthy investor who doesn’t expect to see a return, send them our way! you never know, they may come in handy!!

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