Is this a script I see before me?!!

Well… not exactly, but we’re getting there! This week the focus has been entirely on writing the show. It’s the holiday season so people are starting to disappear, and with a group meeting coming up in a few weeks time, we want to be sure we’ve got something to show for the time we’ve spent so far.

Yesterday, I went to Rich’s house to have a look at where we are at. he cooked me a really tasty spaghetti bolognese – actually it was Penne, not spaghetti, but let’s not dwell on that! after eating, we sat down to look at the fruits of our labour. I’ve not done anything this week – I was a little bit busy with my band. On Sunday we played a gig in front of about 4,000 people at the Kirklees Party in the park, and we spent most of the week rehearsing and performing. I had already written a couple of bits though, so we combined that with the scene Rich wrote last week, and had a good look at what we’ve got. You know what? Personally I’m pretty happy! We’ve got some nice characters coming out, we seem to be on the same page as far as the writing style is concerned, and we both had a good laugh at our voices as we read through everything!

This week, we’ve doled out the rest of the scenes and will be meeting again next week to see how that’s going. Hopefully this way we’ll be a long way on by the 8th August when we meet everyone.

The next step is for us to meet with a focus group to test out our scenes, and get some feedback. We’re not doing this half-heartedly!!

I’ve already started writing one of my scenes today and I think it’s going well. The scene involves the evil side-kick getting job advice from a pushy careers advisor. I’m a funny one when I write. I can’t just sit down and write. I have to do it when the idea comes to me. This can be difficult when I’m at work, and today for instance, I had to make as many notes as I could because I was itching to write, but not in a position where I could. I wrote down all the ideas I could manage and hoped that I could recreate the inspiration when I got a chance to actually write it. Thankfully I think I pulled it off, but I know that when I take this to Rich, he’ll have some great ideas for how to improve it.

We’ve worked really well together like that, sharing our ideas and suggesting improvements. I’ve never written with someone else before, but it seems to be going pretty well to me at the moment.

On the 8th August, we’ll be meeting again with the full group. This will be the first official meeting we will have had with the group, and we’re hoping to have a better idea of where we may be performing, and how much this is all going to cost us. There have been some great fundraising ideas so far, so we’ll be looking to get some of those rolling too.

So, another week down, and another step closer to having a musical! It’s exciting times, and I’ll continue to keep you updated. Even if, like this week, there’s not much to say!

Oh, on a slightly different note, I’ve not had a single comment (that hasn’t been gobbledigook!) on these blogs yet. Why not let me know your thoughts on “Evil The Musical” it would be nice to know there’s people out there!!

Speak to you all next week

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