Edinburgh 2010 kicks off…

In a matter of days so it’s time to focus! We have one year until it’s our turn to trad the boards in Scotland and I for one cannot wait. I went to Edinburgh with Rich 4 years ago, and it was just amazing! I was only there for one night, but we took in 5 shows, soaked up the atmosphere and had a jolly good time!

I think that’s one of the things I’m really looking forward to, the atmosphere. Sure its going to be hard work, but soaking it all up, taking in a few shows, drinking a few beers, it’s all part of it. Still enough dreaming about the fun bits, we’ve got a hell of a lot work to do before that!!

So Where are we at then? Well this week Rich and I have written another 4 scenes for the show. That puts us somewhere around half way I recon. We haven’t had a chance to review everything properly yet, but we had an extensive text chat yesterday night at about 11:00 swapping constructive comments and ideas. I’m starting to think it’s going to be too long, but working with Rich, I guess it was always going to start off that way. We’ll get it written first and make the cuts second! Better we have too much than too little!! The show needs to run at no longer than an hour and 5 minutes. That means that the scenes we write on the whole can be no longer than 3 minutes. It’s more like writing sketches than scenes really, which is both fun, and frustrating as its quite difficult to get everything you need to into such a small timescale!

In other news I’ve found a website which may be able to help us with our fundraising. Basically you use it as a portal to go and do your online shopping, and for visiting places such as Asda, Sainsbury’s etc, via that site, you get a percentage donation to the group. Not bad eh?! It may not make us millions, but every little bit helps!! We’re going to put together a group bank account in the next couple of weeks for storing all the funds for the show, and once we’ve done that we’ll be able to get up and running on this site.

8th of August is our next group meeting, and though some key members will be missing, its a really good opportuinity for us all to get together and talk about where we’re at and plan for the future. Rich and Laura and I will be revealing the plot and casting for the show at this meeting and we will be talking quite a lot about how we will raise funds. Me and Rich and Laura will be meeting on Wednesday for a progress update and to plan for the Sunday, and until then we’ll be continuing to write.

I know I’ve probably said this before, there’s nothing much exciting happening at the moment, but I want to keep you informed so I’m going to keep writing these things in the meantime. So that’s all I have for this week, but I’ll be bac next week with hopefully a bit more writing done!!

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