It’s time to get a little more evil…

Last weekend, I watched the Proms Sondheim concert and got a little bit depressed at how amazing his lyrical talent is! So great in fact are his acheivements that for his 80th Birthday, they renamed the Henry Miller theatre on Broadway in his honour. In my opinion it is well deserved. Sondheim to me is the creator of some of the best musicals ever written. I’ve been listening to a lot of his music this week, from shows like Gypsy, Sweeney Todd, Follies, Saturday Night and so on, and there’s one thing you notice when you do. It’s consistent. Consistently enthralling and entertaining and clever and witty. To be as good as that would be an absolute dream, but to be honest at the moment, I’ll just be content with getting our first musical off the ground!

There was one thing that Sondheim said when he was interviewed at the proms that is really going to influence how we write this musical. When asked “How do you go about it? If you want to write a musical, what do you do?” as part of his answer he said “You rarely get someone who can write the script and write the music.” As a musical writer, you need a story to write the music for, as a playwright, you need someone to write the music. its all about colaborating, and that is why we’re involving my brother Si in the writing of the music. He has proven songwriting ability, and a bettern knowledge of the art than either I or Rich do, so we’re going to colaborate and see what happens.

not that Rich and i haven’t written music. We’ve got numerous ideas for this show, many of which we both have regularly in our heads! You can often hear me or Rich humming the Evil Chant, or It’s Good to Be Bad (both working titles!!). it gets quite annoying when there’s atune going round in your head and your trying to go to sleep, but I guess if it’s doing that to us, there’s some hope that they will have the same effect on the audiences!

This week has been a pretty productive one script wise. I think we’re probably about half way through our first draft now which is encouraging. Both Rich and I seem to be laughing in the right places which means we’re on the same page, the next step after finishing the draft though is to test it with some of the group. I’m quite nervous about this. i think I’m humble about my writing to say the least! When ever I’ve written a play in the past, the first anyone has seen of it is at the first rehearsal. i’m quite guarded about it all. This time I want to do it right, which means we HAVE to make sure its right, which means letting others read it, and give comments. But first we have to get over a massive stumbling block which is the ending. There’s so much going on in this show, and we need to make sure we wrap it all up so the bit we left till last is, inevitably, the most difficult piece!

Still. we’re getting there, and I guess that is the most important bit. Also we know what we want to do with the ending, so maybe it wont be quite as difficult as I seem to be implying. Yeah… Right!

What else can I tell you about this week then? We have a new recruit to the acting team in Daniel Henry. He’s going to be joining the group on Sunday at our meeting where we’re going to be revealing the cast, and other peoples roles in the project, looking at fundraising and talking about our progress so far. I for one am really excited about all this. It’s going to be a really good meeting, and its going to be good to show everyone just how much we’ve done since June!

Chris Kirman (the guy who did our natty logo) has offered to do a video documentary of the build up to Edinburgh so I expect to seem him around with a video camera quite a bit in the coming months. We’re also hoping he will help with pulling together character imagery and some photography too as part of his involvement in the project, and I really look forward to seeing the end product of what is going to be quite a laborious task!

So, that’s it for this week. quite a bit going on as you can see! It just leaves me time for one last word to all of you. If you know about Evil The Musical, tell everyone you know about Evil The Musical, and ask them to tell everyone they know about Evil The Musical. We need to promote not only the show when we’re ready to run it, but the whole project. So get involved. Tweet it to the world, Facebook it to everyone, telephone your granny, or send a postcard to Man Friday. The more people who know, the more publicity we can muster, the better!

Next week, an update from Sunday’s meeting, cast details, posibly a videocast and whatever else I can muster!!

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